iNFiNiTE is a rapper and urban music producer who has been making music for almost eight years. Born in Chelmsford and currently resides in London. He has recently released his debut EP, entitled Verbal Therapy, which showcases his unique style and lyrical prowess.

The EP is a reflection of iNFiNiTE's journey and experiences, both as a person and an artist. He draws inspiration from his personal struggles and the world around him, infusing his music with raw emotion and honesty. Each track on the EP is a testament to his ability to craft powerful lyrics and catchy beats, making it an impressive debut project.

On the first of May 2023, iNFiNiTE released a new single titled "Letter to My Unborn." The song tells the story of him and his partner experiencing a miscarriage, a deeply personal and emotional subject that many people can relate to. With his signature style and poignant lyrics, iNFiNiTE delivers a heartfelt message that is sure to resonate with listeners.

iNFiNiTE remains focused on his craft as he believes that music has the power to heal and inspire, and he uses his platform to spread positivity and encourage others to pursue their dreams.

As an up-and-coming artist, iNFiNiTE is one to watch. With his talent, drive, and passion for music, he is poised to make a significant impact in the industry. Whether he is rapping about personal struggles or creating catchy beats, iNFiNiTE's music is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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