iNFiNiTE is a British rapper, urban music producer, and songwriter who has been making music for nearly eight years. With a passion for collaboration, iNFiNiTE has worked with talented artists lending his production skills to enhance their tracks.

His own music is a powerful reflection of his introspective lyricism and impeccable production. His EP, "Verbal Therapy," takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth through its five captivating tracks.

In addition to his own artistry, iNFiNiTE is committed to fostering a community of creativity. His "Emcees Toolkit Collection" provides aspiring artists with beats to collaborate and create within the urban music landscape.

iNFiNiTE's versatility, storytelling, and dynamic productions have earned him a dedicated following. Join him on his musical journey and experience the magic he brings to the urban music scene.

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