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Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle

Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle

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Product information:

Microphone core: large gold diaphragm with a diameter of 34mm
Directivity: Heart shape
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHZ
Sensitivity: -36dB‡2dB (OdB=1V/Paat 1kHZ)
Maximum loud pressure level: 130dB (at 1KHZ<1%T.H.D
Output impedance: 10002 65% (OdB=1V/Pa dl 1KHZ
Equivalent noise level: 15dB A
Signal noise: ≥66dB A
Current: 3mA

Packing list:

1* microphone/shockproof rack/Cannon cable/aluminum box
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